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MoYou London's image plates - The BIG Review!

Hello Cutties!
The long-awaited review post about MoYou London's image plates is here.
Are you ready?

MoYou London is a range of beauty products from England.
This Summer they launched their new image plates, as I told you here.
The brand kindly sent me 5 plates (which I choose) so that I could test them.
The 5 I chose were:

I chose 2 image plates with "small" and "simple" designs, 1 with full nail designs, 1 with full nail designs XL and 1 full plate design, so I can test all of their different designs of image plates, specially the full design plates which are exclusive to the brand.
I tested the image plates on paper and with a cheap nail polish to make it easier!
Let's have a look?!


When I first saw these 2 image plates (more the Kitty 11) I thought:
"Such small and detailed designs... Hum... this won't stamp, and the details will stay on the stamper and not on the nail!"
But I was wrong!
And the stamper you use is going to make a lot of difference in the final result (I'll show you at the end).

PRO 04

On this plate the designs are full nail and very detailed.
The doubts about this image plate were the same as the previous plates (the details when stamping)... but I was wrong again (fortunately).
The full nail designs on this plate are 1,20cm width by 1,50cm height.
So, for those with small nails like me this image plate will work just fine.


This image plate is one of the many XL image plates Moyou London has...
And what does XL mean?
This image plates are full nail designs but for girls with big nails.
So they measure 1,50cm in width by 2cm in height.
They stamp very well and the failures on the paper are my fault not the plate neither the XL stamper (with the previous plates I used another stamper).


This image plate is one of the brand's full image plate designs (as I mentioned above, a total innovation by Moyou London).
I must confess that I was curious about stamping with this plate.
And I remember that it would be easy to use it with the XL stamper.
In fact, the XL stamper is definitely the best to use with this image plate and on the XL image plates, seeing it is bigger.
But in this case how do we stamp only one design?!

With a cotton swab dipped in some nail polish remover you can remove any parts that you don't want.
I must say that you have to do this VERY FAST!!!
If you take just a little to long, the nail polish will dry and you won't be able to stamp a thing.

Remember that previously I told you about the difference different stampers make?!
See the difference?

Summing it all up: These image plates are very good!
High quality, easy to use and at an accessible price.
In my opinion, 4,99£ for these plates is a great price for their quality.
You can buy them on the MoYou London site.
They ship worldwide... and shipping costs depend on how many plates you order or where to.
You can contact them and ask, they are very accessible.

And of course I didn't only try the image plates on paper...
Nail polish Yes Love Sperkles nrº2905 + MoYou London Pro 04 + Stamping nail polish

Nail polish Dermacélsia nrº68 + MoYou London Pro 04 + Black stamped with Yes Love nrº346

Nail polish H&M Red + Stamping nail polish + MoYou London Pro 04 + Nail polish Yes Love Feather F4 (bar glitter) + Nail polish Easy Paris nrº01 (glitter)

Nail polish Dermacélsia nrº72 + Copper glitter nail polish Yes Love nrº9 + Black stamped with Yes Love nº346 + Blue stamped with Essence The Boy Next Door + MoYou London Sailor 01

Nail polish H&M Superpink + MoYou London Pro 04 + MoYou London Kitty 11 + Stamping nail polish

Nail polish Yes Love nrº346 + MoYou London Artist 07 + Silver stamped with D'Donna Glitter Matte nrº40

Nail polish Yes Love nrº346 + MoYou London Artist 07 + Gold stamped with Leticia Well nrº504

Nail polish Dermacélsia nrº69 + MoYou London Suki 06 XL + Stamping nail polish

Any failure is my bad not the image plates.
There are still 3 things I must say! (still? you guys are thinking)
The plates measurements:
These plates have a "plastic base" attached to the back.
Which I really like... because with this base there is no risk of cutting yourself on the sharp corners.
And it also helps to prevent the image plate bending or denting in a fall...
It makes it firmer when using it, you know what I mean?

Another thing I love, is that the brand created dolls/Pin ups associated to the collection theme.
But I will leave that for another post! :)

And just one more... just to make you a little more jealous...

Don't you just LOVE that moment when you take off the protective plastic of a image plate?!
So gooooood... lol

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(post em Português aqui!)

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  1. Adoro a dos passarinhos e a do motivos egipcios *-*
    Eu ando a fechar os olhos estas placas a ver se não tenho ideias, mas anda a ser dificil :P
    Adorei o post super detalhado e as fotografias fantásticas :)
    Beijocas grandes****

    1. Obrigada Guria!!
      São uma perdição é verdade!
      Vou juntar uns trocos para comprar uma... pode ser que depois ja possas comprar 1 para ti.