quinta-feira, 14 de novembro de 2013

MoYou London - New Collection

Hello Cuties!
And tomorrow it's Friday... and you know what means?
News from MoYou London... and this week we have... a new collection relese.
Let's just drool (LOL) with:  THE EXPLORER COLLECTION
"Christopher Columbus suggested that riches don't make a man richer, they just make him more busy!"
Don't you agree?!
Less talking and more dazzle... lol

This collection is dedicated to Mel & Lisa the 2 Australian sisters from Adventures in Stamping Group who gave this great direction.

These plates will be available on the site(link here) from this Friday, 15th of November.
They will be marked as Pre Sale, and will be shipped on the first week of December.
This collection will have many more plates added to it in the near future. In addition, all XL images (1.5cm on 2cm) will be soon available in our regular 1.2cm on 1.5cm size.
So lady's with small nails (like me) don't cry... LOL

I love this collection, so much that I even can't choose my favorite ones.
Don't forget to follow the new's here in the blog and on the brand's Facebook page.


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